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Neo Mobility

POSCO helps shape the future of cars to be safer and more eco-friendly.

Cars that are lighter and safer based on Giga Steel, electric steel plates, anode and cathode.
These are some of the things that we can provide for the cars of the future.

EV Traction Motor

The traction motor for an electric vehicle is the engine to a regular motor vehicle.The motor contains an electrical steel sheet that allows the driveshaft to turn when a current is applied. The less electricity the sheet loses, the more efficient the motor becomes. This way the electric vehicle can have a higher level of efficiency.

Copper Wire. Copper wire through which electric current flows.
						Housing. Box-type parts enclosing the traction motor.
						Bracket. A brace installed to attach and support the traction motor.
						Permanent Magnet. Magnet that magnetizes itself even when there is no current.
						Rotor Core. Component that rotates in the motor. POSCO's electrical steel sheet(Hyper NO) is used.
						Stator Core. Component fixed within the traction motor. POSCO's electrical steel sheet(Hyper NO) is used.

Hyper NO that can increase the range per charge

The stator core is a component fixed within the traction motor while the rotor core is a component that rotates in the motor. For the rotor and stator cores, POSCO’s electrical steel sheet (Hyper NO) is used.

POSCO is the only supplier of electrical steel sheets for this purpose in Korea. The quality of the sheets is globally recognized. Hyper NO features a thickness comparable to that of paper and a special coating. These features allow the product to minimize the loss of electricity and mitigate noise and vibration. In general, KRW 235,000 is required for each increase of 5 km in the range of an electric vehicle through expansion of the battery capacity. Adoption of Hyper NO, in contrast, can reduce the cost as little as KRW 28,000. In other words, compared to an increase in battery capacity, Hyper NO can provide a comparable level of increase in the performance with lower cost.

배터리 용량 증가 - 주행거리 5km 연장 -  235,000,  고품질 Hyper NO 적용 - 주행거리 5km 연장 -  28,000

Integrated Starter Generator Motor

This is an automatic vehicle starter system that can take the place of existing starter generators and improve fuel efficiency. It can reduce emissions by shutting down the engine when the vehicle stops and bringing it back to life when the vehicle starts. It can also help minimize fuel consumption by generating electricity while the vehicle runs to supply to the vehicle and charge the battery.

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