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Mega City

POSCO is a dependable enabler of future cities.

Dream of a safer mega city full of taller and longer structures
POSCO can make that dream a reality.

Long Span Bridge

A bridge is called a long span bridge if the distance between the main towers is over 1 kilometer. There are two types of long span bridges: a suspension bridge and a cable-stayed bridge.

PosCable (POSCO wire for Cable): Strong and artistic

In a suspension or cable-stayed bridge, cables transfer load applied to the superstructure to the main towers to support the bridge. For this application, POSCO’s steel wires are extensively used.They are made by twisting wires made of POSCO’s wire rods. This way they can be extremely strong: One strand of steel thinner than a straw can bear the weight of a 4.5-ton truck. The cables are highly resistant to rust when they are used over the sea, enabling the bridge to stay durable and long-lasting.

Suspension Bridge

A suspension bridge uses cables and hangars to transfer the load of the bridge to the superstructure. Examples in Korea include Gwangan Bridge and Yeongjong Bridge.

Suspension Bridge

Cable-Stayed Bridge

A cable-stayed bridge uses cables connected to the main towers to support the superstructure. Examples in Korea include Incheon Bridge and Seohae Bridge.

Cable-Stayed Bridge
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