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A hyperloop is a train like transportation that can run as fast as 1,280 km per hour by eliminating almost all resistance to the vehicle.


Highly functional steel that can improve aerodynamics and provide greater safety within the tube

The tube of a hyperloop is 4 meters in diameter, and its thickness is 20 to 30 mm. POSCO’s highly functional steel is used for this application. The steel used for the tube of a hyperloop is made through hot rolling to have the durability enough to maintain a vacuum within the tube and allow the carrier to run at a very high speed.

Maglev Train, Hyperloop의 부상원리, Tube 내 기압, 속도, 사례 비교 정보
  Maglev Train Hyperloop
Method of Levitation Uses electromagnetic power to levitate the train - Higher cost Uses air bearings to levitate the train - Less cost
Pressure Within the Tube High aerodynamic resistance Low aerodynamic resistance (100 Pa)
Speed 600 km/h 1,280 km/h
Case Shanghai (since 2004, 430 km/h) Propellant tested (commercialization under way)
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How It Works

  1. 1. The place of departure and the destination are connected by a near vacuum (0.001 atm) tube. The carrier is lifted by using an electromagnetic motor while a vacuum is kept within the tube.
  2. 2. Air is pushed towards the rear using a pressurizer to achieve propulsion.
  3. 3. Air is pushed towards the rear using a pressurizer to achieve propulsion.
  4. 4. Solar power can also be used to improve operating efficiency.

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