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Dream of a safer mega city full of taller and longer structures
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High-rise Building

A building is called a high-rise building when it is taller than 200 meters or over 50 storied. High-rise buildings that use land intensively are increasing rapidly due to a growing population and a lack of available land. Futurists predict that in the near future, high-rise buildings of over 4,000 meters are connected, where people can sustain themselves within the connected space. Higher, safer A different approach must be applied to a high-rise building to ensure safety during construction. As larger and larger buildings appear, not only materials that can withstand the increasing mass, but also architectural skills that can help such buildings resist the forces of nature are essential. Different structural systems are being adopted to ensure that buildings can be taller and safer. R&D efforts for that purpose are also active. In order for such new structural systems to fulfill their intended performance, steel that can withstand the force of nature is essential. Examples include H-shaped steel and steel tubes, and POSCO’s HSA intended for high rise buildings is used extensively.

다이아그리드시스템(Diagrid System), 내진댐퍼시스템(Seismic Steel Damper System), 아웃리거-벨트트러스(Outrigger-Belt Truss), 메가 기둥(Mega column)

High-performance steel for architecture (HSA) that can withstand typhoons and earthquakes

Mega columns are positioned on the outskirts of a high-rise building and usually over 1 meter in length and width. A mega column consists of concrete and steel to be able to support a huge load applied to the building. HSA is 1.7 times stronger and 30 percent lighter than existing commercial steel, making it ideal for high-rise buildings. In addition, it is used extensively for buildings that require an ability to absorb vibration caused by an earthquake. Examples in Korea where HSA is applied include Lotte World Tower, Busan LCT, Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport and Transit Terminal in Dongdaegu Station.

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