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Steel House

A steel house is a kind of residence whose frame is made of steel having a thickness of 1 mm or so. The house is robust enough to withstand strong earthquakes and cost-effective as it can be built over a short period of time and reduce waste of material. It also features good heat and sound isolation, making its occupants feel warmer with less noise.

내외장용 패널(Interior and Exterior Panel),  외벽마감재(Exterior Finishing Materials)

Stainless steel that can give the interior and exterior of a building a premium look

Stainless steel intended for inner and outer walls of buildings can provide a wide range of appearance ranging from a matte surface to a slick one such as that of a mirror.

인천국제공항 교통센터(446M, 316L Dull), 강릉아이스하키 경기장(329LD Vibration), 고속철 광명역사(304 No.2D), 제주 컨벤션 센터 446M Dull
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Austenitic series(300 series) Ferritic series(400 series)

Highly rust resistant PosMAC

PosMAC(POSCO Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Coating Product) )is an alloy coated steel developed with POSCO’s proprietary technology. It is made by plating steel with an alloy consisting of three elements (magnesium, zinc and aluminum), resulting in over five times greater resistance to corrosion. Even its cross section where no plating has been applied defies propagation of corrosion.

*PosMAC: POSCO Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Coating Product

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Compared to a wood house, a steel house can provide

  1. 1. Better structural stability and greater protection from fire thanks to the uniform quality
  2. 2. High durability as it does wane over time
  3. 3. Protection from typhoons, earthquakes and other forces of nature
  4. 4. Protection from insects or mold
  5. 5. An alternative to imported wood
  6. 6. An opportunity for recycling

Compared to an RC house, a steel house features

  1. 1. Reduced duration of work on the frame (by 30 percent)
  2. 2. An increase in effective floor area resulting from reduced thickness of walls
  3. 3. No need for a mold, temporary work or curing, easier to install
  4. 4. Diversified appearance, better insulation and good anti-seismic performance
  5. 5. Less cost of building the foundation and an opportunity for recycling
스틸하우스, 목조건축, RC

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