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Electrical Galvanized Steel

Electrical galvanized steel is made by plating steel with zinc in an electrochemical manner. Plating uses pure zinc or zinc and nickel.

POSCO’s electrical galvanized steel has a beautiful surface and the amount of plating that should be attached to the surface is easily controlled. This allows the steel to go through various post-treatments according to customer needs, including anti-fingerprint treatment, phosphate treatment and black resin treatment. With good paintability, good resistance to corrosion, weldability and workability, it is extensively used in automotives and home appliances.

Zn Electrical Galvanized Steel

This product is made by applying galvanizing to the surface of cold rolled steel using an electrochemical method. It allows the user to choose from different post-treatment options, including non-treatment, phosphate, anti-fingerprinting and black resin. Its typical applications include home appliances, vehicle outer panels and construction materials.

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Zn-Ni Alloy coated steel

Nickel added to the steel provides better rigidity and a higher melting point for the plating layer. Similar to electrical galvanized sheets (that uses pure zinc), the plating layer does not soften and melts easily while requiring less electricity for welding and providing good anti-corrosiveness. It can be used either with non-treatment or with functional resin post-treatment (as in fuel tanks). Its typical applications include automotives and home appliances.

Phosphate Treated Steel

This plated steel sheet can be used without any pre-treatment. Its typical use is painting including electronics and furniture VCM and powder painting.

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Steel Sheets for Fuel Tank

Steel used for motor vehicles’ fuel tanks is subject to the strictest quality assurance practices of all steels used for motor vehicles as they are directly linked to safety. Coated with special organic and inorganic film, this steel provides the durability required to safely store diesel fuel of high temperature (70 to 80°C). When used on the exterior, the film of good coating adhesion can be applied on the steel to increase resistance to corrosion. Double side coating is often applied to give functionality to both outer and inner sides. With a view to responding to ever-tightening regulations on emissions as demonstrated by partial zero-emissions vehicles (PZEVs), POSCO is working on more environmentally friendly steel sheets for fuel tanks. GX (chromium-free) steel sheet is POSCO’s proprietary product made through special organic/inorganic processing. Non-use of harmful substances (Pb, Cr) means eco-friendly. It can also cost less to recycle than plastic and zinc alloy coated steel sheets.

Key Products

  • - GX : Green eXcellent
  • - GP : Green Premium
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Anti Fingerprint Resistant steel

This steel features post-treatment to avoid any contamination with fingerprints during processing or use. With good functionality coupled with good resistance to corrosion, paintability and workability, it is widely used for video devices, OA devices, audio devices, computers and other similar applications.

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Black Resin Coated Steel

This product achieves high performance (i.e., high workability, resistance to scratch) and low cost by coating electrical galvanized steel with black resin. It can help customers reduce cost and substitute plastic materials currently in use.

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