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Our focus is on innovating our R&D efforts and developing highly differentiated solutions
in order to deliver the world top premium products and services.

World Top Premium Steel in the Future Mega Trend

Neo Mobility

POSCO helps shape the future of cars to be safer and more eco-friendly.

Cars that are lighter and safer based on Giga Steel, electric steel plate, anode and cathode.
These are some of the things that we can provide for the cars of the future.

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World Top Premium Steel in the Future Mega Trend

Mega City

POSCO is a dependable enabler of future cities.

Dream of a safer mega city full of taller and longer structures.
POSCO can make that dream a reality.

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World Top Premium Steel in the Future Mega Trend

Eco Energy

POSCO can help deliver an access to clean and inexhaustible energy sources.

POSCO’s steel products will play a pivotal role in the upcoming era of clean energy
as they can be used in the production, transport, storage and consumption of energy.

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[GPS] #3 The Power of the Winds!

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POSCO’s steel products can be found in every corner of our lives. Automotives, shipbuilding, construction, energy and home appliances are just a few examples of how extensively POSCO’s products are used to help us lead our lives. With technology and quality, POSCO helps shape a future where humans and nature can exist in harmony.


With an annual capacity of 42 million tons of steel products, POSCO exports a wide range of steel products including hot rolled sheets, plate, wire rod, cold rolled sheets, galvanized sheets and stainless steel to 53 countries, earning worldwide recognition for its superb technology and excellent quality.