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e Autopos, Driving Force behind Green Mobility

The right choice for safe and eco-friendly vehicles

Built on POSCO’s GIGA STEEL and electric steel sheets as well as POSCO Chemical’s
cathodes and anodes, we provide solutions for safer and lighter automobiles.

For Eco-friendly Vehiclese Autopos logo

Eco-friendly & electrified AUTOmotive Solution of POSco
e Autopos offers both products and solutions for electric vehicles. With its green and sustainable product offering, e Autopos delivers the solution to “Clean Mobility”.


Brand Identity

'e Autopos'는 친환경의 eco-friendly, 전동화 솔루션의 electrified AUTOmotive Solution of POSco을 결합한 합성어로, 친환경성, 협업 시너지, 미래 지향을 담은 혁신을 통해 친환경차 시장을 선도하겠다는 의미가 담겨있습니다. 알파벳 'A'는 친환경차 미래 지향점에 대한 혁신, 협업 시너지 창출의 3대 브랜드 핵심 가치를 형상화 하였습니다.(COLLABORATE, with POSCO)

The brand name ‘e Autopos’ is a combination of the words “eco-friendly” and “electrified automotive solution of POSCO”. Along with the focus on letter A, it symbolizes the determination to lead the environmentally friendly vehicle market based on its three core brand values: innovative, eco-friendly, and synergy through collaboration.


INNOVATIVE Drive innovation for the future, EC0-FRIENDLY Develop green solutions, SYNERGIC Engage, collaborate, & generate synergy, ADVANCED Refined and future-oriented , ESSENTIAL Focus on fundamental values, HARMONIOUS Seek harmony between design elements

e Autopos is an authentic brand centered on innovation, eco-friendliness, and synergy through collaboration. POSCO envisions a future where e Autopos powers green mobility.

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