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INNOVILT, Eco-friendly Steel for Construction

A new standard for the construction market

Drive innovation and sustainability with POSCO’s premium steel.

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Focused on the eco-friendly and future-oriented nature of steel, INNOVILT is a premium brand of steel products for construction that delivers both innovation and sustainability. The brand name combines the words “innovation”, “value”, and “built”. INNOVILT represents our vision of “Business with POSCO”, creating value in collaboration with our business partners.

Core Values

INNOVILT is a premium brand of steel products for construction certified by POSCO. It is a new paradigm that leads the innovation in construction industry based on synergistic cooperation between POSCO and its clients. From builders to end-users, INNOVILT provides trusworthy solution backed by the excellence of POSCO premium steel.

INNOVILT represents the values of Hi-tech, Creativity, Sustainability and Partnership

Sustainability(지속가능성), Partnership(파트너쉽), Creativity (창의,창조성), Hi-tech(첨단기술)


Steel is a part of our everyday lives. We produce steel with natural resources and turn it into construction materials for houses, office buildings, and cities (bridges). Ultimately, steel helps us build a greener life with its unlimited lifecycle.

INNOVILT contributes to this green cycle. As a premium brand of steel products for construction INNOVILT offers hi-tech, creative, sustainable and synergic products to present the right path towards the future of construction. Made with premium steel from POSCO, INNOVILT provides high-quality construction materials to support safe and sophisticated construction. By building a sustainable construction culture and adding social values, INNOVILT practices POSCO’s “Corporate Citizenship” philosophy. Since the launch in November 2019, a total of 229 products from 140 companies have been INNOVILT-certified (as of Nov. 2022).

Certified Companies & Products, Companies is 140. Products is 229. Certified Product Breakdown, Architectural Structures 36ea Foundation 21ea Road/bridges 25ea In/exterior building materials 82ea Others 65ea

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