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INNOVILT, Eco-friendly Steel for Construction

A new standard for the construction market

Drive innovation and sustainability with POSCO’s premium steel.


Structural performance and Cost Efficiency

Fire and Earthquake Safety

  • 공간효율 향상 20% AU Beam 합성보
    Semi-slim Concrete-filled steel composite beam with reduced depth
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  • ES-Column 내진특화 건축구조용 합성기둥
    Concrete-Filled Tube column system for reduced time and cost
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Flexibility and Adaptability

  • 스틸커튼월 비정형외관 원가절감 20%
    Slim and strong profiles for irregular-shaped buildings
    Steel Curtain Wall
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  • PoSPACEs 대공간 비정형 프레임 구현 접합노드 시스템
    Freeform space-frame structure system
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High Performance and Sustainability

  • 파형강판 시공성 및 경제성이 우수한
    Fast installation and economically efficient
    Corrugated Steel Plate
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  • 경량 방음터널 (PosLST공법) 강관 트러스트형 구조를 이용한
    Lightweight steel pipe truss soundproof tunnel
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