Industrial Machinery

POSCO offers a range of high-performance steel products that can be used for
the production of construction and mining machines, heavy-duty machinery,
defense equipment and more.

Our steel is used for the production of a wide range of mechanical parts constituting many kinds of industrial installations. According to the market, the steel’s applications can be classified into mechanical structure, heavy-duty machinery and defense. With the state of the industry environment increasingly worsening, mechanical installations are growing in size for higher productivity. This leads to a greater demand for steel used for high strength industrial machines.

Machine Structure

It is typically used for molds, drawing steel pipe, bearings, bolts and nuts and many other applications. Mechanical structural parts are processed, such as cold, hot forging, and cutting, and heat treatment to harden the surface and require high performance such as fatigue strength and durability. A variety of hot rolled steel, steel plate, wire rod and stainless steel, including high carbon steel and steel plate for mold base, are applied.

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