Application Technology

Along with hardware characterized by top performance shipbuilding steel, POSCO offers software represented by steel use skills consisting of welding and performance evaluation


Accounting for 31 percent of the domestic welding market, shipbuilding is the single largest user of welding across all industries in Korea. In addition, around 35 percent of the total cost of building a ship is estimated to be related to welding. Therefore, it can be said that the competitiveness of shipbuilding depends on the competitiveness of a company’s welding. In terms of use, a wide range of ships is built in the industry, including containers, tankers and LNG carriers. For these ships, different welding techniques are applied depending on their shapes and uses: flux core arc welding (FCAW), submerged arc welding (SAW) and electrogas welding (EGW), to name a few.

These days, safety and productivity have become the two most important factors when it comes to welding as customers request increasingly larger ships (e.g., 18,000 TEU container vessel). To meet such changing customer needs, we offer welding solutions specific to the products we deliver. We also work to develop new welding technologies.

Technical Support for Shipbuilding