Application Technology
Home Appliances

POSCO is ready to make its vision of ‘With POSCO’ a reality by offering a tailored technology
that enables customers to make home appliances with competitive performance and cost-effectiveness.


Compared to other sectors, the home appliance sector features a shorter product lifecycle and greater needs for reduced production cost and new features. We offer a wide range of diverse customer-specific solutions designed to reduce cost, help apply highly functional steel sheets and bring many other benefits. Ranging from identification of opportunities for technical cooperation to computerized analysis, preliminary testing and production line testing, our technical supports cover customers’ entire value chain based on a mid-to-long-term collaborative relationship with customers. Further, POSCO's various electric steel sheets are applied to motors and transformers by developing the application technology for the entire process of customers through design, analysis, magnetic evaluation, processibility evaluation, and prediction of electrical and mechanical performance, and providing the optimal application technology to each customer.

Technical Support for Home Appliances

가전 고객사 프로세스, 냉연가전기술지원
								기술협력 아이템 발굴
								적용사례 공유
								해석용 물성 공유
								성형성 전산해석
								전산해석/예비 테스트
								예비시험용 소재 공급
								구조 변경 및 최적화
								전산해석/예비 테스트
								양산 공정 제어
								양산 기술 지원
							모터 & 변압기 고객사프로세스
								코어 설계(설계)
								시스템 시험(성능평가)
								금형 제작((양산)
								라인 구동(양산)
							모터 & 변압기기술지원
							최적 전기강판 강종 제안코어 전자기 손실 예측전자기 및 기계적 물성 평가
								응력제거를 위한 최적 열처리 도출
								모터 성능 평가 모터 구동 효율 분석
								양산 공정 기술지원