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POSCO delivers products with unmatched performance and design that can meet the needs of
rapidly changing lifestyles. We also offer solutions needed for the application of steel materials,
leading new trends in home appliances.


With smart devices expanding its presence greatly among home appliances, the designs are no longer monolithic with white and have started to diversify. In particular, premium and stylish looking metal with colorful and geometric patterns are gaining in popularity. To be in line with these trends, POSCO offers a wide range of cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and electrical galvanized steel that provide good resistance to corrosion and allow for diverse surface treatment. To help home appliances meet their energy efficiency requirements, we offer electrical steel sheets featuring low loss of power.

Washing Machine

Previously, washing machines were of agitator type. Today, they are mostly of pulsator type or drum type. These days, they cause less vibration and noise and have more features including drying and sanitization in response to diversifying customer needs.

72 percent less deformation during dehyfration

Frame Cabinets and Front Cabinets

High strength steel sheets more than twice as strong as commercial steel sheets

The frame cabinet protects components inside from external factors, such as dust, water and heat or impact, while the front cabinet protects components inside from similar factors. These are other common applications for POSCO’s high strength steel sheets. POSCO’s high strength steel sheet does not show any sign of deformation or breakage under an impact twice as great as the maximum impact commercial steel sheet can bear. Traditionally, the steel sheet has been used extensively for automotive parts. Recently, its applications have expanded to include home appliances. Washing machines using high strength steel sheets can be much lighter while maintaining their robustness. Studies show that vibrating deformation, which represents how much the exterior of a washing machine is deformed during dehydrating, is reduced by up to 72 percent when high strength steel sheets are applied compared to conventional models.

기존모델 (변형량 : 0.165mm), 고강도 세탁기 (변형량 : 0.046mm) - [탈수시 진동 변형량 72% 감소]
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High Strength Steel GI/GI(H) Zn Electrical Galvanized Steel

Smooth and eco-friendly, surface-treated steel sheets

The rear cover of a washing machine is an outer panel that protects the internal components from external factors, such as dust, water and heat, or impact. It is another common application for POSCOs’ surface-treated steel sheet. The steel sheet is made by applying eco-friendly resin film over hot-dip galvanized steel sheet to provide better workability and corrosion resistance.

포스코의 친환경 표면처리강판, 용융아연도금강판 - 기존(매끄러운정도, 내식성 ??음 ) → 고윤활/고내식(매끄러운정도, 내식성 높음)
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Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit

Traditionally, air conditioners have been installed so as to either stand or be hung on the wall. These days more and more air conditioners are embedded in the ceiling for more space in the room. In addition, more and more air conditioners are designed to provide more functions including air cleaning, dehumidification and humidification. An air conditioner consists of an indoor unit and a fan unit. The fan unit lets out heat and circulates air while the air conditioner is working.

Frame Cabinets / Front Cabinets / Base Pan

PosMAC that defies rust for up to 50 years

The frame cabinet protects components inside from external factors, such as dust, water and heat or impact. The front cabinet protects components inside from similar factors. The base pan supports many inner components including the air conditioner compressor and the motor mount. These are another common application for POSCO’s PosMAC. PosMAC (POSCO Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Coated Product) is an alloy coated steel consisting of three metals (magnesium, zinc and aluminum) that was developed with POSCO’s proprietary technology. Featuring five times more resistance to corrosion than galvanized commercial steel sheet, PosMAC is used for the fan units of air conditioners to help them have a longer service life.

*PosMAC : POSCO Magnesium Aluminum alloy Coating product

화학처리 도막(일시 방청), PosMAC 도금층, Steel
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Hyper NO, the enabler of highly energy efficient home appliances

The motor in an air conditioner’s fan unit drives the cylinder within the compressor, where POSCO’s electrical steel (Hyper NO) is used. POSCO is the only supplier of electrical steel sheets for this purpose in Korea. The quality of the sheets is globally recognized. Hyper NO features a thickness comparable to that of paper and a special coating. These features allow the product to minimize the loss of electricity and mitigate noise and vibration. Its applications include motors for vacuum cleaners, fridges, air conditioners and other highly efficient premium electronics.

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Non-oriented electrical sheets


Refrigerator are getting larger and larger, and more and more luxurious. In the past, fridges of monolithic design, mostly white, were prevalent. These days, those with colorful and often showy designs are gaining in population. The advent of a double door, premium fridges has made premium, stylish metal and geometric patterns more popular.

도어 -도어의 외부 강판과 내부 강판 사이에 우레탄폼 등의 단열재를 사용해 냉장고 내·외부 열교환을 차단하는 부품으로 포스코 표면처리강판이 적용됩니다.


Premium stainless steel

The door of a fridge contains an insulator (e.g., urethane foam) between the inner panel and the outer panel to block the exchange of heat between the inner space of the fridge and the outside. For this application, POSCO’s surface-treated steel sheet is used extensively. It is classified into premium stainless steel and PosART. Our premium stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and receptive to a wide range of surface treatments, including anti-fingerprinting and color coating. This allows the steel to have much more value in terms of design.

다양한 표면처리 스테인리스강 표면처리 스테인리스강(내지문 칼라 스테인리스강) 구조
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Ferritic Series(400 Series)

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