POSCO contributes to the development of the energy sector by delivering
the high-performance steel products and solutions required in every corner of the industry.

Our products for energy-related applications are extensively used to develop, produce, refine, transport and store energy sources including oil and gas. Produced under strict quality assurance practices, they can provide the strength, impact toughness, weldability and workability required to withstand harsh conditions including those found in the ocean and polar regions. Current customers include local and international energy companies, heavy-duty equipment makers, pressure vessel makers and offshore and wind power structure makers.


These refer to the linepipes necessary for transporting extracted crude oil or gas from one location to a designated point, either on land or underwater. Depending on the environmental conditions of the transport route, they are classified into toughness type and sour resistant type. Hot rolled steel or steel plate products are mainly utilized in their fabrication, and these pipes need to have low temperature toughness, corrosion resistance, and weldability depending on service conditions.

① Toughness Type: Steel pipes designed to endure external impacts or internal pressures in cold environments below 0℃

② Sour Resistant Type: Steel pipes designed to resist corrosion, especially in the harsh conditions of oil and gas wells laden with H2S and CO2

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