Steel Enables a Green Tomorrow

Greenable, Renewable Energy Enabler

Realizing the dream of clean and infinite energy

We lead the way to a brighter future. While enabling renewable energy system,
Greenable contributes to building a sustainable and stable energy market.

Renewable Energy EnablerGreenable

Steel is used for building renewable energy facilities, and these facilities produce the energy needed to produce steel. Greenable serves as a stepping stone to a green future.


In every breakthrough that humans have achieved,
steel has played a significant role.

To continue to drive innovation and sustainable growth,
POSCO will assume the challenge to unlock new potentials inherent in steel,
to achieve carbon net-zero.

POSCO makes eco-friendly steel
that generates clean energy by harnessing wind energy,
bringing solar energy into our living rooms,
and making hydrogen a safe resource that is available to everyone.

POSCO's eco-friendly steel
powers the world with clean energy
and that energy is used to produce steel
that promises an ecological future.

opens the door to infinite possibilities.

Steel Enables a Green Tomorrow

Steel Enables a Green Tomorrow

High-strength steel plates for wind towers that withstand typhoons,
high-efficient electrical steel sheets for turbine motors,
wear-resistant wire rod for turbine bearings. Greenable Wind

Rust-resistant coated steel sheets
used to support the lower structures of floating solar panels. Greenable Solar.

Steel for safe generation, storage and transportation of hydrogen
that connects the world. Greenable H₂.

POSCO's full spectrum brand of eco-friendly products and solutions.


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Steel plays a key role in converting wind, solar and hydrogen energy into electricity which in turn powers steel production without emitting CO2. Such an infinite cycle of resources creates new values and paves the path to a sustainable future.

Greenable offers a broad portfolio of steel products and solutions for renewable energy (wind, solar, and hydrogen). As a crucial element in the virtuous cycle of steel and energy, Greenable unlocks infinite possibilities for the future. Greenable enables POSCO to ultimately strengthen its competitive edge by fulfilling its responsibilities as corporate citizen, accelerating the energy transition, and shifting its focus to eco-friendly businesses.


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