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Solar Generation

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity (direct current, or unidirectional flow of electric charge).

하부 지지대(Lower Support Structure), 태양열 판넬 지지 구조물(Foundation Structure Supporting Solar Panel Frame)

Foundational Structure Supporting a Solar Panel Frame

Corrosion-Resistant Steel, PosMAC
(POSCO Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Coating)

Solar panels must be supported by a structure that can prevent them from breaking or being disassembled. For their maintenance, solar panels require foundations beneath them through which people can gain access. Many of these foundations are made of PosMAC, which is highly resistant to corrosion while also being highly durable. In general, steel has a durability issue because of its vulnerability to corrosion. Corrosion occurs even faster in a place where the content of salt is high in the air, such as the sea. PosMAC features the highest corrosion resistance of all galvanized steels in the world. The coating layer consisting of three elements - magnesium, zinc and aluminum- delivers 5 to 10 times higher corrosion resistance than regular galvanized steel. This allows solar power generators to use the material for a long time without needing to worry about corrosion.

태양열 판넬 지지 구조물, PosMAC 제품구성(화학처리 도막(일시방청), PosMAC도금층, Steel)
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Project Status

Greenable SOLAR Project Status
Greenable SOLAR Project Status
Project Location Capacity
Tai nan san gu zi Gong yu gong sheng (2022) Taiwan 82MW
Guangdong Taishan Qingshanzui 100MW Fishery (2021~2022) China 100MW
DEWA V (2021~2023) UAE 900MW
Rabigh Solar PV IPP (2021~2022) Saudi 300MW
Gemini PJT (2022) USA 900MW
Red Sea PJT (2022) Saudi 400MW
Sudair PJT (2022) Saudi 450MW
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