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H2 Ecosystem

As a major energy source, hydrogen is redefining our industries and economies. Greenable™ offers safe solutions for the hydrogen economy with product portfolio spanning the entire hydrogen value chain: from production to delivery, storage and use.

Steel Pipes for Hydrogen Delivery

Hot rolled steel / Steel plate welding(ERW/SAW) steel pipe with enhanced welding spot safety, replacing seamless

This welding pipe boasts the world's highest safety standards, able to withstand impacts even at temperatures as low as -45°C. Structures utilizing this solution have been established for the first time in Korea, specifically in the hydrogen pilot cities of Ansan and Ulsan. Additionally, the development of steel products and welding solutions for large-diameter steel pipes designed for high-pressure hydrogen is currently underway.

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Hydrogen storage tanks for H₂ stations

High-pressure storage tanks with improved safety

Conventional high-pressure hydrogen tanks have a maximum capacity of 550L. After use, it takes maximum 15 minutes to restore the pressure level and be ready for refueling again. To address this issue, POSCO is developing a safer alternative which has a capacity of 1000L or more.

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FCEV H₂ Tank Reinforcement

Much greener. More affordable

Currently, carbon fiber is used to reinforce hydrogen tanks in vehicles. POSCO is developing an alternative with steel wire that is greener and more affordable.

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Project Status

Greenable H2 Project Status
Greenable H2 Project Status
Project Location Pipe length
Hydrogen City - Ansan (2022) Korea 3.9km
Hydrogen City - Ulsan (2022) Korea 10.5km
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