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Wind Power Generator

Wind power generation refers to the use of the wind to turn the generator (wind turbine), thus generating power. Regarded by many countries as a clean and relatively cheap energy source, it has been widely adopted all across the globe. These days wind turbines are expanding their locations to include the sea.

  • Tower & Substructure

    The majority of wind turbine towers and foundations are constructed with steel plates. Specifically, steel plates adhering to the EN10025 standard are frequently selected for wind power infrastructure. POSCO's latest steel offerings outperform traditional steel products, playing a pivotal role in diminishing the thickness and overall quantity of steel required for such wind structures.

  • Generator Core

    The turbine motor is a component that transforms the rotational force generated by wind acting on the blades into electricity. POSCO's high-quality NO is predominantly utilized for this part. POSCO's Hyper NO exhibits consistent magnetic properties regardless of its orientation, making it especially suited for rotational applications. This material not only enhances energy efficiency by minimizing power losses in motors but also sustains stable power output even when the motor's size is downsized.

  • Bearing

    Bearings, integral to the rotating parts of a wind turbine, are primarily crafted from the "extreme blue bearing steel." These products, derived from steel bars and wire rods, have their attributes and standards managed in compliance with DIN50602.

  • Bolt & Nut

    Hex bolts, which secure the wind turbine to the tower, as well as the bolts that fasten the blade to the nacelle, are manufactured from steel derived from steel bars and wire rods. Their quality and properties adhere to the DIN50602 standards.

Steel strong enough to keep wind turbine towers standing still no matter how strong the wind blows

POSCO's wind power products, designed specifically for wind towers installed either on land or at sea, are engineered to endure the severe vibrations, impacts, and low temperatures caused by wind or waves. Notably, large-scale wind power structures typically employ thick, robust steel.

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Hyper NO can improve the efficiency of wind turbine towers

In a wind turbine tower, the turbine motor converts the rotation of the blade into electricity. POSCO’s Hyper NO (non-grain oriented electrical steel) is the ideal material for the motor. Hyper NO maintains constant magnetic properties regardless of grain. It is mainly used for rotating parts. It helps reduce the loss of power in the motor to improve energy efficiency. A smaller motor can provide the same level of output as a larger one.

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PosWIND (POSCO Windpower): Highly durable and long-lasting wire roads for bearings

A turbine bearing minimizes the friction of a rotating shaft, with PosWIND, POSCO made bearing steel, being used for this application. PosWIND features highly improved durability to minimize friction of a rotating object and is commonly used for rollers within gearbox bearings. Bearings made of PosWIND experience little wear, crack or deformation over time.

*PosWIND: POSCO Windpower

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Project Status

Greenable WIND Project Status
Greenable WIND Project Status
Project Location Capacity
Gode Wind (2015) Germany 900MW
Gemini (2015) Netherland 600MW
Veja Mate (2015) Germany 402MW
Sandbank (2016) Germany 288MW
Arkona Bechen (2017) Germany 387MW
Hornsea I (2018) UK 1,200MW
Albatros & Hohe See (2019) Germany 610MW
Borssele (2019) Netherland 150MW
Seamade (2019) Belgium 487MW
Hornsea II (2019) UK 1,400MW
Yunlin (2020) Taiwan 640MW
Kreigers Falk (2020) Denmark 600MW
Fryslan (2020) Denmark 382MW
Chang Fang and Xidao (2020) Taiwan 589MW
Greater Changhua (2020) Taiwan 900MW
Tra vinh (2021) Vietnam 100MW
Black Jack Creek (2021) USA 240MW
Seagreen (2021) Scotland 1,500MW
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